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Harbinger Capital offers you a comprehensive approach to financing and liquidity-delivering customized solutions for your institution that complement your overall financial strategy and encompasses your business needs with no additional costs.

We help you address the intricacies of  management while focusing on what matters the most to your organization; capital ratios.

Our approach reflects the scale of your opportunities, the complexity of your balance sheet and the individual nature of your financial requirements and goals. Your Harbinger Capital financial advisors and trustees, supported by a team of professionals that includes attorneys and certified public accountants, can provide liquidity strategies based on the capabilities that extend beyond traditional asset based lending.

By enhancing liquidity, you can unlock the value of your capital while minimizing the cost and constraints of your liabilities.

Whether you want to expand your capital base, explore new banking opportunities or employ sophisticated real estate investment strategies, our team can work with you to determine which liquidity strategies might be appropriate to help meet your goals.